• How to monetize your blog?

    How to monetize your blog? The numbers of digital nomads are growing at an incredible speed. Blogging is one of the top professions for digital nomads to start with. But how to make blogging successful and profitable? How to monetize your website? These are the questions we are hearing from bloggers-beginners.Let’s analyze what makes a

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  • What is ads.txt and why it is important to have one?

    What is ads.txt and why it is important to have one? Ads.txt project was started by IAB Technology Lab in order to achieve better standards and transparency in the programmatic ads industry. ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. The text file resides on a publisher’s server and lists all direct sellers and resellers who are

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  • What is header bidding?

    What is header bidding and how it empowers publishers? The world of digital advertising is humongous for publishers to navigate. Publishers have to find the right monetisation source or combination of sources, often without the right amount of data. Big companies can hire digital ad specialists but small companies may not be able to afford

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