What is ads.txt and why it is important to have one?

Ads.txt project was started by IAB Technology Lab in order to achieve better standards and transparency in the programmatic ads industry. ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. The text file resides on a publisher’s server and lists all direct sellers and resellers who are authorized to sell inventory on a specific website. It also includes such details as publisher’s ID, type of account/relationship, certification authority ID, and the domain name of the advertising system. You can explore details of the ads.txt file simply by adding /ads.txt to the end of the website name.Since ads.txt is a file in public access, it is easy for advertisers to verify they are buying high-quality impressions. Advertisers can now avoid the problem of fraud traffic and domain spoofing when they pay for ad campaigns on premium websites but instead, ads are displayed on low-quality websites.

The introduction of ads.txt benefits not only advertisers but makes the whole inventory supply chain more transparent. Publishers are benefiting as well. Now, it became easier for them to ensure that their inventory is under control and not used by fraud players. This helps to maintain a good reputation of a specific publisher.

HBAgency encourages all its publishers to create an ads.txt file if they do not already have one. Creating ads.txt is very simple and in the longer term, the publisher will only need to update the file with the new information about authorized sellers. Creating an ads.txt file is a step towards greater transparency in the whole ad ecosystem.

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