What is header bidding and how it empowers publishers?

The world of digital advertising is humongous for publishers to navigate. Publishers have to find the right monetisation source or combination of sources, often without the right amount of data. Big companies can hire digital ad specialists but small companies may not be able to afford the expense.

Header bidding is the most recently evolved ad tech for programmatic advertising. It simplifies and democratizes the digital advertising industry.
It streamlines the deals between the advertisers and publishers, bringing transparency about the demand for inventory and CPM. It helps publishers to track and make decisions about their monetization sources based on data. Everyone, even a small publisher, can have constant access to premium demand advertisers.

What is header bidding technology?

Header bidding is an automated auction technology when advertisers bid on publishers’ inventory simultaneously. This mechanism is different from the widespread waterfall where bids are placed sequentially and with a respect to a price floor and preferred advertisers.

At HBAgency, we provide header bidding solution and connect our publishers to the premium demand partners. They will all bid on publishers’ inventory simultaneously, which translates into more demand for publishers.

Using our solution is very easy, intuitive and fast. You can make a selection from a wide variety of formats. If you have any questions about header bidding or would like to have a demo of our solution, please, reach out to [email protected]. The team will be happy to work with you.

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